Paint Correction Detail

Paint Correction Detail

Our Correction Detail that I offer is an extensive 2 or 3 stage machine polishing process that will leave your car looking ‘as new’ and in some cases even better! It is a much slower process as every defect that can be removed safely is so. Using only the best products combined with the correct techniques perfected over time results in an unbelievable high level of finish every time.

Evaluation is very important in machine polishing as no two cars are alike, even if from the same manufacturer! Some have soft/hard paint. Clear coat density varies also. So, to achieve the best results in the safest possible way you need to know what you’re dealing with. Prior to the detail, you will be informed whether any defects will not be removable.

If your car is suffering from the common issues/defects such as swirl marks, light/medium scratches, holograms, micro-marring, buffer trails, water marks or oxidisation then this can all be rectified through the correction detail.

This correction detail is for the customer who, like myself strives for perfection and wants the best possible finish that can be achieved.

The process step by step 

  • Alloy wheels cleaned using a safe non acid wheel cleaner and various brushes to reach all areas, rinsed
  • Arches cleaned using degreaser and APC (all purpose cleaner) and various brushes
  • The Vehicle is then blanketed in PH Neutral cleansing foam for its pre wash (which softens and lifts grit dirt and grime)
  • Thoroughly rinsed
  • Door shuts, boot, fuel filler cap are cleaned using APC and various brushes
  • Thoroughly rinsed
  • Then washed using the 2 bucket method with grit guards and various wash mitts
  • Thoroughly rinsed
  • Tar spots removed using Autosmart Tardis
  • Thoroughly rinsed
  • Metallic fallout removed using Iron X
  • Thoroughly rinsed
  • Vehicles paintwork and glass clay barred to remove bonded contaminants (including door shuts)
  • Thoroughly rinsed
  • Fully dried using ‘deep pile’ microfiber drying towels
  • The correction stages can now begin (this is a 2 or 3 stage machine polishing process)…
  • The vehicles paintwork will be measured using a specific paint thickness gauge and inspected under various lighting for defects
  • All trim, seals etc taped up to protect them while machining
  • Paintwork corrected via rotary machine polisher using suitable pads and compounds
  • Paintwork further enhanced using fine polishes and then burnished for the ultimate finish
  • Once the Correction is complete the car is followed by an Isopropyl pure alcohol (IPA) wipe down to remove any remaining oils that might mask the finish
  • 3 coats of a top grade pre selected wax or sealant of your choice is applied
  • Exterior and interior glass cleaned with a specific glass cleaner
  • Trim cleaned and dressed, exhaust polished
  • Wheels wax/sealed and protected to prevent further brake dust build up

 From £450

Time taken for this detail is 20+hours over 2/3 days.

Price may vary depending on vehicle size and condition. Reflecting time spend.

What does our correction detail include?

CK Detailing’s paint correction process includes further polishing stages to remove any defect that can be removed safely in the pursuit of perfection.

How long will it take?

This really depends on the size of your car, for a small two seater you can expect it to take one day, for medium to large cars correction detailing can take up to two days. When you book a detail in, your booking will be confirmed along with the expected duration.

Can you come to me for the correction detail?

Yes, CK Detailing offer mobile detailing services so we can come to your home or work place and perform the correction detail there. As this detail usually takes more than one day we would require multiple visits.

Mobile detailing is currently only available within the North East of England, in fact you can see the areas we cover over on our locations page.

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