Enhancement Detail

Enhancement detailing dramatically improves the look of your vehicle by removing small defects and adding depth and gloss back into your car’s paintwork. With use all cars will pick up blemishes whether it’s swirl marks or small scratches, the only way to get rid of these is by using the machine polishing technique. Our enhancement detail will give your cars paintwork flawless reflections and a sharper more vibrant look.

The enhancement detail is a very popular option as it includes a single stage machine polish that usually can be carried out in one full day, with very impressive results indeed. Using only the best products combined with the correct technique perfected over time and of course a lot of patience and the results are guaranteed.

Enhancement Detail

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This is the perfect option for a customer who wants to take his/her vehicle to the next level. I recommend this detail for cars that are generally in good condition and suffering from light defects. This detail is also very popular for a pre sale customer who wants to make there vehicle look it’s best and stand out from the crowd.

This machine polishing process will remove or drastically reduce defects such as swirl marks, scratches, holograms, micro-marring, and buffer trail. Leaving your paintwork looking sharper, with clear reflections, added gloss with clarity to the finish that simply cannot be achieved without a machine and the correct products and pad/polish combination. Generally your vehicle will look ”enhanced”.


Before and After example of enhancement detail
half and half pre and post enhancement detail
Example of what an enhancement detail can do. The top left of the boot shows the faded,/scratched look. The right side is after the single stage machine polish has been carried out. You can see how the oxidation has been polished out leaving clarity and a high gloss finish.

CK Detailing enhancement details include:

The process step by step

  • Alloy wheels cleaned using a safe non acid wheel cleaner and various brushes to reach all areas, rinsed
  • Arches cleaned using degreaser and APC (all purpose cleaner) and various brushes
  • The Vehicle is then blanketed in PH Neutral cleansing foam for its pre wash (which softens and lifts grit dirt and grime)
  • Thoroughly rinsed
  • Door shuts, boot, fuel filler cap are cleaned using APC and various brushes
  • Then washed using the 2 bucket method with grit guards and various wash mitts
  • Thoroughly rinsed
  • Tar spots removed using Autosmart Tardis
  • Thoroughly rinsed
  • Metallic fallout removed using Iron X
  • Thoroughly rinsed
  • Vehicles paintwork and glass clay barred to remove bonded contaminants (including door shuts)
  • Thoroughly rinsed
  • Fully dried using ‘deep pile’ microfiber drying towels
  • The enhancement work can now begin…
  • The vehicles paintwork will be measured using a specific paint thickness gauge and inspected under various lighting for defects
  • All trim, seals etc taped up to protect them while machining
  • Once measured a suitable pad and polish will be selected, then the single stage enhancement will be carried out by a Rotary machine polisher, then burnished to achieve the best possible finish
  • Once the enhancement is completed the car is followed by an Isopropyl pure alcohol (IPA) wipe down to remove any remaining oils that might mask the finish
  • All Paintwork coated with a top grade pre selected wax or sealant of your choice
  • Exterior and interior glass cleaned with a specific glass cleaner
  • Trim cleaned and dressed, exhaust polished
  • Wheels wax/sealed and protected to prevent further brake dust build up

The results from the single stage machining process have to be seen to be believed, you will be impressed!

Time taken for this detail is one full day approx 8-12 hours.

From: £300 (1-2 Days)

Price may vary depending on vehicle size and condition. Reflecting time spent.

Ferrari Enhancement Detail

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Enhancement Detail on a Aston Martin

How long does an Enhancement Detail take?

It depends on the size of the car, but you can typically expect your car to be fully enhanced in 1-2days. The smaller and better condition your car is in, the less time the detail will take.

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