Protection Detailing

The aim of the protection detail is to improve the look of your vehicle and protect/preserve the finish. This detail is recommended for those who either have recently undergone an Enhancement or Correction detail and the time has come to re-protect the vehicle, to ensure the vehicle stays in immaculate condition.

This service is also for the customer who simply wants the car thoroughly decontaminated and protected, if your vehicle has surface defects such as swirl marks, scratches holograms, marring etc please checkout our Enhancement or Correction Details.

Protection Detail

The protection detail process step by step

  • Thoroughly rinsed to remove loosen dirt and grime
  • The Vehicle is then blanketed in PH Neutral cleansing foam for its pre wash (which softens and lifts grit dirt and grime)
  • Thoroughly rinsed

Now the pre wash stages are complete its time to make physical contact with the paint…

  • Washed using the 2 bucket method with grit guards and various wash mitts
  • Thoroughly rinsed
  • Alloy wheels cleaned using a safe non acid wheel cleaner and various brushes to reach all areas, rinsed
  • Arches cleaned using degreaser and APC (all purpose cleaner) and various brushes
  • Thoroughly rinsed
  • Door shuts, boot, fuel filler cap are cleaned using APC and various brushes
  • Tar spots removed using Autosmart Tardis
  • Thoroughly rinsed
  • Metallic fallout removed using Iron X
  • Thoroughly rinsed
  • Vehicles paintwork and glass clay barred to remove bonded contaminants
  • Thoroughly rinsed
  • Fully pat dried using ‘deep pile’ microfiber drying towels
  • The vehicle is then treated to a full application of a pre-wax by hand to freshen the paints surface to prepare for a wax or sealant
  • All Paintwork coated with a top grade pre selected wax or sealant of your choice
  • Exterior and interior glass cleaned with a specific glass cleaner
  • Trim cleaned and dressed, exhaust polished
  • Wheels wax/sealed and protected to prevent further brake dust build up
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Time taken for this detail is approx 4-8 hours. 

The price may vary depending on vehicle size and condition. Reflecting time spent.

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What is the protection detail intended for?

Protection detailing is intended to protect your vehicle, preserving the cars condition for longer by safeguarding it from the elements and ensuring you safely wash the car preventing swirl marks and small defects from occuring. We advise a protection detail as an aftercare solution once your vehicle has undergone an Enhancement Detail or Correction Detail and it’s time to update the protection. The protection service is a great option if your car is defect free and you wish to protect your investment against harmful elements such as sun raystree saproad saltbird droppings and tar.

The protection detail we offer is a thorough detail designed to clean, decontaminate and protect your vehicle. Once completed it will speed up future cleaning and help make the up keep of your vehicle an easier task, protecting your investment for the long term and increasing its resale value.

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